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Touristic Sustainable Development Site.

Touristic Sustainable Development Site


Touristic Sustainable Development Site. This property with 1 km of wide Sand beachfront, and more than 32 hectáreas enjoys the highest level of use of land granted by any state, city or federal authority.

Touristic Sustainable Development is a use that as an investor or developer, one realizes the extent and great expense required to achieve this high level of use for development. Touristic Sustainable Development Presents the opportunity of the investor or developer a use of the land for Hotel  and other touristic use in a rare beachfront setting.

There is approval for 33 Hotel building sites on this project.  The local municipality has granted only this property the designation of Touristic Sustainable Development, making this 32 hectárea beachfront setting unique against any other development options. Coupling this designation of the land with the intense interest in the Costa Allegre area with a new regional airport in the works  add value to this development site. Existent in the property are valuable infrastructural elements such as electrical substation transformer and deep well water source.  Some building sites have been exploited with important architectural  structures. This sale includes all existing  structure and equipment and as well all heavy machinery.

A detailed report of  landmark approval from the local municipality is available with request as well of verification of the Touristic Sustainable Development Site qualification.


Size: 30-11-75.50 Hectareas

Price: $36,000,000 USD









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